Premature Ejeculation Treatment


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Best Treatment For Premature Ejeculation

Author: michael

How to prevent premature ejeculation the first thing you MUST do is stop worrying about it (which is easier said than done),as a recent study showed that up to 65% of males have had to deal with premature ejeculation at some time in their lives. So please don’t think of it as a dirty little secret that you can never get rid of, as 99% of men can cure the condition within a week or two with the right training.

So what is the right traning to prevent premature ejeculation?

Well the fact is that what works for you might not work for another, as nobody is the same. But there are tons of exercises you can try to help you not cum so fast. Here are a two of them.They are both Short term cures,for Long Term Cures Try PREJACULATION.Com

Premature Ejeculation Treatment

1. How breathing can help stopping premature ejeculation.

Breathe nice and slow and in a regular pattern. Do not take random breaths only when you need them.
Breathe deep, concentrate on your lower chest and stomach. Expanding your stomach as you breathe helps you take in more oxygen, which relaxes you and keeps you calm.

By breathing deep and regularly in the way described above, you’ll be able to reduce stress and increase your ability to always be totally aware of the sensations you are feeling in and around your penis. The result? A longer, more pleasurable sexual experience.

Premature Ejeculation Treatment

2.How masturbating can help you stop premature ejeculation. .

As for your second step you would have to remember to masturbate at least once before you actually have intercourse. It is proven that most males find it very hard to last longer with the first orgasm. So if you masturbate once or twice before the actual penetration, you can be guaranteed that your penis would get slightly numb before the third orgasm and that it would definitely stop the premature ejeculation on a temporary basis.

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Premature Ejeculation Treatment

8 Responses to “Premature Ejeculation Treatment”

  1. Ricky says:

    I am suffering from premature ejeculation.what is the treatment of it without taknig any kind of medicine?
    I am sufering from it form 10 year and now i am 31year old and i am single but i have made sex many time but with the help of viagra. no no there is no problem in erection of ED. so plz help me

  2. peter c says:

    causes of premature ejeculation?
    conditions and treatment

    • aj says:

      Premature ejaculation is very, very common, especially in younger men.

      One common cause is conditioning from hurried masturbation. Since masturbation is often done secretly, men hurry through it. This becomes habit for the body. So men shoot quickly during sex, which provides more sensory stimulation than masturbation. One way to resolve this issue is to slowed down masturbation and learn control (often called edging).

      Another technique that is often helpful is to take the focus off of ejaculation and refocus on the partner’s pleasure during foreplay.

      I hope this helps,


  3. pcguy says:

    about serious problem?
    i am 29 & i am married from 7 years, Still i have the problem of premature ejeculation. I also have two childrens.

    Is there is any treatment for this(IF you know please describe the name & dose shoud i take) or just my mental helth do this?
    all the suggesations are welcome please help me!!!!

    • italed says:

      When you beat off, try edging instead of just focusing on shooting your load. Also, do your Kiegel excercises. They really do work.

  4. bhagwan d says:

    What is treatment for young unmaried male with premature ejeculation?

    • trust8UrOwnRisk says:

      start taking “shweta Musali” 5 gm daily with a cup of milk,in the morning on empty stomach for 40 days without a miss.Avoid sour and spicy food. Abstain from masturbation and all such things,else it wont work.Make sure that you dont have constipation.And you will discover that all the ailments are away after a course of 40 days.
      Best of luck.

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