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Beat Premature Ejection Without Taking Any Medicine for Premature Ejaculation

Author: Tonny Truong

Reaching into climax very sooner than women is a dismal sexual performance. This is embarrassing for men, especially when the intercourse is already done in just a minute. It feels less than a man if the woman is unsatisfied. And according to studies, premature ejection or ejaculation affects about half of the male population; which means there are many men who can’t satisfy their partners. But they should fret not. This condition is very easy to cure, and there is no need for any medicine for premature ejaculation.

Women who are unfulfilled in their sex life are most likely to fall out of romance. They want the time of their life, but their partners can’t give it to them. The relationship is affected. However, as what already said, premature ejection is not a sexually-related disease. It is not caused by any system malfunctions nor serious underlying medical conditions; it is just a matter of habituating and controlling one’s body during intercourse. And it is surprisingly very easy to fix. To last longer in bed, one will only need mental control, physical control and hormone regulation.

The thoughts running in the mind greatly affect the duration leading to orgasm. If these thoughts are controlled, then chances are ejaculation is delayed and the intercourse lasts longer. But developing a mental control should not need any memorizing nor strenuous practicing. What is needed here is just discipline, because one mistake and the moment is blown away.

Premature Ejection

Second, it is important to know that ejaculation is actually just like any other bodily systems. It has a set of voluntary muscles, glands and nerve impulses. Therefore, the muscles involving premature ejection can be controlled, trained, improved and fine-tuned to one’s desires.

Thirdly, the hormones that trigger ejaculation, called the dopamine and serotonin, must be regulated. But regulating them does not need any surgery nor medicine for premature ejaculation. Like increasing hormones by lifting weights or running, the dopamine and serotonin can also be regulated using safe and natural methods.

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Premature Ejection

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Most pills, creams, sprays and other methods for delaying ejaculation do not address the root causes of the condition. And although they are sometimes effective, the treatment is not 100% safe and natural. This can lead to other side effects and complications. But the Ejaculation Trainer is an easy self-help book that extensively covers all the information about premature ejection. It teaches effective, safe and natural ways of lasting longer in bed. For more information, Click here to see: How to Beat Premature Ejection Without Taking any Medicine for Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejection

10 Responses to “Premature Ejection”

  1. Gilbal Terjaya says:

    premature ejection-I need a solution without having to go to the doctor?
    I need a solution for the problem my ejeculation without having to see a doctor, I want solutions that are natural and good for my health.

    • a father says:

      Keep taking it in your hand and make sure you never let the girl get the easy one. Also try using your mouth. It will be less apparent that you are a minute man.

  2. ab says:

    is oils and spreys good 4 premature ejection?

  3. Lawrence J says:

    how to stop premature ejection?
    im 15 and me and my girl friend sex and i just dont last long.. i want to know how to last longer… can some 1 hepl me please…. thank you!!!!!

    • ElliottJM says:

      Completely normal mate. Esp when your younger.

      However there are a number of ways to improve your staying power.

      You know then your urinating, you can stop the flow. That same muscle is able to prevent ejaculation. Try it the next time you go to the toilet, once you’ve isolated the muscle you know what I mean.

      You could try those condoms with anasthetic on, but I’d say don’t bother. They make you feel far too numb to enjoy youself.

      But yeah, you can work out that muscle at any time. I believe its called a kegel exercise. Google away!

  4. Joe says:

    My toaster suffers from premature ejections how can I stop the mechanism from going off too soon?

    • Andy says:

      My old toaster is always doing that and has caused me much embarrassment over the years however I have learnt with time that there are a number of ways to avoid these unfortunate mishaps. One sure fire method is to don thick oven gloves and hold the trigger mechanism firmly down until you are ready for the finished product to pop up and another is to stop using fresh, white bread and use old, stale Granary loafs which take longer to cook and are less appetising hence taking your mind off the trigger mechanism failing.

      Hope you find this useful : )

  5. Smart says:

    Wife of a 49 yr old man desires that he should control ejection inside vigina. What should he eat and do?
    Saving relationship of Husband & Wife because she feels frustrated due to premature ejection by her husband (He is 48 & She is 45). They meat once a week. Last six meetings were not enjoyed by the wife. She says he might be involved in cheating or has gone weak physically and mentally. The family has two daughters age 7yrs & 4 yrs. The man is employed as Assistant in an office where interaction with other female is not possible.

    • baseballdad69 says:

      Get a book about Karma Sutra. There are exercises that can be done to help a man control ejaculation. Also, Viagra will help even if he releases, the medicine will keep him erect or enable another erection shortly thereafter.

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